Luna Rosa’s new family theater show “Κρατάς Μυστικό?”

In behalf of our dedication in supporting our community and culture we are happy to present the new family theater show by the Luna Rosa theater company “Κρατάς μυστικό?” for which we are one of the sponsors. A.P. Scaffolding Solutions will provide the scaffolding for the stage construction of the performance.

The Luna Rosa Theater Company was founded by Anthi Kettirou and Lena Kasiou. The group is based in Cyprus and is active in the field of theater, framing it with a variety of art forms. They create theatrical experiences concerning social and cultural issues, having as inspiration the human relationships and interactions, the diversity, the environment and everyday life of every human being. Their works stand out for the experience they offer to the audience, which is immersive, but also for the way they are made.

To learn more you can visit their website: