A.P. Scaffolding Solutions Ltd are pioneers in the Scaffolding industry in Cyprus, providing scaffolding services both for onshore and offshore projects. Our prompt response, customer satisfaction and quality of work has differentiated us within the marketplace of scaffolding thus enabling us to lead the market share for scaffolding contractors in Cyprus.

A.P. Scaffolding Solutions has demonstrated commitment, access solutions, safety, meeting deadlines by working under pressure. Our production and management team always ensures projects are delivered to the highest of quality and customer satisfaction. Both engineering and technical assistance are provided for all tailor made solutions for specific projects. We have succeeded to deliver access to unique circumstances and client requirements always within the factor of safety.

Our scaffolding equipment comprises of tube and fitting, PERI-flex and cuplock systems.

Our aim is to provide the safest and best access solution to our customers. We work hard by designing and considering all aspects in respect to time, value and deadlines.

Our company maintains fully trained and equipped staff, together with high quality scaffolding, that can meet up to any project demands and expectations. Our scaffolding teams are highly trained and skilled individuals. They work as part of a close-knit team and we ensure our staff is up to date with ongoing scaffolder’s training. We maintain internal health and safety procedures that meet up to international standards.

We have exceeded in building a large customer base and faultless reputation within the building trade, industrial and offshore oil and gas sector. We have accomplished all these by maintaining an upgraded yard, which has all the latest facilities and machinery, i.e. forklifts, lorry vans and large trucks with crane. Also with the important contribution of both our office and operations staff.

We always urge and motivate our staff to deliver the best service possible with the best conduct, as we say in A.P. Scaffolding Solutions Ltd “Nil satis nisi optimum” , we are not satisfied unless it is the best.


Being able to provide scaffolding access services at heights with safety takes serious work and responsibility.
The Scaffolding Solutions team, starting from the management and site workforce, have spent hours of attending training programs both abroad and in-house from overseas training institutions in order to reach the satisfying levels and knowledge of scaffolding erection and dismantle.

In our course of acquiring these certificates of qualifications, we have invested without hesitation in concern to time and financial costs.

Our operations over the years have increased both in volume and in different areas. All members within the company having the same vision and teamwork spirit has helped us reach desirable results. The nature of our clientele consists of: construction, industrial, shipping, offshore and onshore scaffolding works, oil and gas, confined spaces, events being mainly the construction of stages for musical festivals and large concerts and sport events being sitting arenas for spectators. Our scaffolding solution services family also includes a very important collaboration for which we are proud of, the very successful and easy to handle ALTREX aluminum tower access scaffoldings, for which we are the sole traders and distributors in Cyprus.

The Rhino Shrink Wrap is also a very important collaboration, for which we are suppliers and installators. It is used jointly with scaffolding to separate internal partitions, building screens, temporary roof, scaffold wrappings and blast containment. To be able to accomplish all of the above, Scaffolding Solutions has invested in a vast volume of scaffolding material.

A very important achievement I consider, is the acquiring of the ISO45001:2018 certification regarding our Occupational Health and Safety management system and the ISO9001:2015 for our Quality Management System in supply, erection, rent and dismantling of scaffolding. Everybody in the company is working hard and with commitment within their area of expertise thus gaining the satisfactory result in being approved for the ISO certifications. I would like to convey my warmest thanks and gratitude to everyone for this achievement.
In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity and express our enormous gratitude to our customers, associates and collaborators for putting their trust in our company over the years. We commit in always providing the best quality possible with safety!

Andreas Polydorou
Managing Director


Your concerns, difficulties and demands for access and safety features come first in Scaffolding Solutions Ltd.
We put in all of our expertise, knowledge and cost efficiency to provide a service which will meet your demands concerning costs, time limits and safety very seriously.

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