7th Protaras Summer Film Festival 2019


The summer of 2019 was a very productive one for our company in the area of entertainment. Our company always seeks to support cultural and social events especially ones that are initiated by youth. Our main objective in sponsoring sports, cultural and social events is to promote fair play, innovation , new and creative ideas.

Protaras Summer Film Festival offers to society entertainment through its projection blockbuster movies for every age and families, all by the initiative of the Paralimni Youth association who voluntarily commit to turn this Festival into a very enjoyable event !

Also for the first time during Christmas 2019 a winter edition of this Festival took place under the name The Σινεμά Project at the Αmphitheatre of Xenion School in Paralimni.

Our company supported both events by providing the structure for the screen and in the summer the audience sitting area which was outdoors at the Skoutari Beach.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the PROTARAS SUMMER FILM FESTIVAL, The Paralimni Youth association and all associates involved for trusting us and giving us the opportunity to support them.


Client:Paralimni Youth Council
Completed:5-11 August 2019