Afro Banana Republic Festival 2017


Scaffolding Solutions has provided scaffolding for the 7th consecutive year, to serve both as stage construction and as the visitor’s sitting and rest areas for the Afro Banana Republic festival, a well-known and loved alternative music festival which earned international recognition as one of Europe’s finest festivals with the EFFE Label 2015-2016.

The Festival is organized by the non-profit organization “ABR – Alternative Brains Rule”. Its team is composed of young people from different professional fields, that are involved in the arts, and have set out to develop the Cypriot creative alternative scene. By encouraging collaborations between different fields they aim to explore the potential of home grown talent. By providing a platform for these artists to produce and present their work, they allow for them to promote their art and themselves in Cyprus and the rest of the world.


Client:Alternative Brains Rule Ltd
Location:Kornos forest, Larnaca, Cyprus
Completed:7-9 July 2017