Fengaros Festival 2022


Feggaros festivals take place in a beautiful picturesque setting in the village of Kato Drys. Many artists from around the world travel to Cyprus to participate in this hugely recognised festival which lasts for 3 nights. A few words from the organizers themselves:

“The festival highlights musicians that have pushed boundaries of popular music and provides the island’s audience, nestled in the south-east Mediterranean region, with a window into the international music scene, simultaneously immersing local and tourist festival-goers and performers alike in traditional Cypriot heritage, through its setting in the agrotouristic village of Kato Drys. As an island that works as a geographical bridge between Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the festival innately features both western and non-western music, including contemporary pop and rock, folk music, dance music, hip hop, and much more.”

Scaffolding Solutions Ltd has had the pleasure to cooperate with Feggaros Festival in constructing the background stages, designed by the team of Feggaros. The results, unique and creative, achieved by our versatile scaffolding system. Our warmest thanks to the Feggaros team for their ongoing trust in our services!


Client:Louvana Diskoi Ltd
Location:Kato Drys
CompletedAugust 2022