Nava Seaside Events 2019


NAVA Seaside located in Protaras has become the most successful venue for nightlife entertainment during the summer season in Cyprus. They have achieved to attract youth and older ages through their consistent quality of food and entertainment. Their events include MASTIXOMATA and other gatherings with famous DJ’s which take place outdoors within the grounds of NAVA Seaside.

Scaffolding Solutions Ltd, cooperates and sets up the background stage structure for NAVA in accordance to the design of the management team of each artist. Variations to the stage are performed in accordance to time schedules so the stage can be delivered on time.

The results, unforgettable nights under the sky of Protaras with fireworks!!


Client:Nava Seaside Events 2019
Location:Perneras 37, Paralimni
Completed:Summer 2019