Pafos 2017, Yamato Taiko Drum Ensemble


The internationally renowned Drummers of Japan ‘Yamato’ came to Pafos with their new performance “Chousensha – The Challengers”, where they push themselves beyond the limits, with perhaps their most impressive, energetic and explosive appearance to this date. The group was founded in Nara, Japan, in 1993, and tours the world for 6 to 10 months every year, creating and presenting original compositions and shows. Their performances are breathtaking events that attract an ever-increasing audience, over 6 million in 3.000 performances in 53 countries around the world.

For this event A.P. Scaffolding Solutions has installed a temporary roof utilizing the Temporary Roofing System and covering it with RHINO Shrink Wrap sheeting. Additionally, we have installed scaffolding to support the speakers.


Location:28th October Square Pafos, Cyprus
Completed:30 June 2017