PERI UP Flex Stair 75


The lightweight aluminium flights of stairs with 75 cm widths are mounted on ledgers of the PERI UP modular scaffolding. This results in 4-legged stair towers with alternating staircase units or staircase units in the same direction with heights of up to 100 m. The PERI UP Flex Stair 75 is designed to accommodate 2.00 kN/m² loads and serves as access to working areas or construction sites.

Flexible assembly
Through the 25 cm grid dimension, all bays can be completely closed even in the smallest of spaces

Easily adapted
for accessing building openings with brackets and small flights of stairs – regardless of storey heights

Fast installation
with only a minimum number of ledgers and anchors


  • Quickly assembled, welded flights of stairs with 75 cm widths (clear stair width 67 cm)
  • Can be used for alternating staircase units or staircase units in the same direction with assembly heights from 2.00 m up to 66.00 m (project-specific planning up to approx. 100 m assembly height)
  • Ground plan: 1.50 m x 2.50 m or 1.50 m x 3.00 m
  • Permissible loads: 2.00 kN/m² for flights of stairs and 2.00 kN/m² for the entire construction for a run of staircase and landing of 20 m
  • Adaptation for accessing building openings in height increments of 25 cm by means of laterally-mounted brackets
  • Flights of stairs can also be installed next to each other with movements in both directions as well as centrally attached guardrails