Nicosia Street Art Festival 2016


The Research, Studies and Publications’ Service of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Cyprus took the initiative of “Eik-astiki Paremvasi” (Urban-artistic Intervention), a public art project of 6 large scale murals which were painted in the center of Nicosia last month.

This unique project was not only ground breaking because it brought large scale murals in Nicosia for the first time ever, but mostly because one of the walls painted is located in the Parliament itself, a fact that probably counts as a worldwide originality.

The artists that took part in this project are six prominent artists from Cyprus and abroad: iNO (Greece), Fikos (Greece), Paparazzi (Cyprus), Color Nomads (Cyprus-Switzerland) and Opsis (Cyprus).

Our company has provided easy and safe access to all the artists participating in this project.


Client:House of Representatives
Location:Various Locations, Nicosia Cyprus
Completed:April, 2016